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New Vision for West Linn

We need city leaders with vision that can make tough decisions now. I will use my business, government, and personal experience to improve our community. West Linn and the greater region are experiencing unprecedented growth and challenges. Our city has a voice in guiding the region; we must expand our collaboration to account for West Linn’s interests. I will take a hard stance against tolling, develop a clear vision for economic opportunities, and improve the effective use of city resources.


Top Priorities

  • Support local businesses and economic development.

  • Support new policies for police accountability and transparency – people need to feel safe and well-served.

  • Continue work with stakeholders to improve Highway 43 and support other transportation projects.

  • Fight to prevent I-205 Tolling.

  • Continue waterfront master planning process, including restoration of the WF Locks.

  • Ensure West Linn’s voice is integrated into regional plans, like maintaining Stafford Hamlet’s rural character and community vision.


What I Bring

  • Strategic systems-thinker prioritizing and creating greatest reach/results while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

  • Change agent with 25 years’ experience building organizations and public trust by connecting people and finding solutions.

  • Effectively managed regional operating budget, staff, and multiple public clients with changing needs including cities, counties, and transit.

  • Experienced at resolving conflict between parties with different values, abilities and constraints.

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